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BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Fertigung und Montage

Fire Station Madera

California (USA)

BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Train Shed Yverdon (Switzerland)

BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Javet & Javet, Artisans Vignerons au Vully (Switzerland)


BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Operation Center and Fire station Schinznach (Switzerland)

BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Belen Fire Station n° 1

New Mexico (USA)

BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Court of Justice at Point-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe, France)

Three automated sliding-folding doors for high velocity wind loads

BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Carport, Amsterdam (NL)

BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Jane's Carousel, Brooklyn, New York (USA)

BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Belen Fire Station n° 1

New Mexico (USA)

BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Operations Center (Switzerland)

BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Military Airfield Emmen (Switzerland)

More than 6 decades of BATOR : We are opening the door to the world.


On June 17, 1956 Willi Baumann, Ernst Thommen, and Isidor Suter founded BATOR Ltd. In the first year the newly founded company started with the production of industrial doors. The first door got installed in the main postal Office in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

1957: BATOR showed at the world exhibition of postal Services in Rome, Italy, the first moving glazed entrance door.

1959: the building at Stauffenbach in the city of Herzogenbuchsee got acquired. The production of Jeep caterpillar started. This Project flopped a few years later.

1960: The newly developed sliding-folding door from the founder Baumann launched a completely new door age and transformed BATOR to a serios door manufaturer for industrial doors. With the development and production of conveyor belts BATOR established a second source of income.


1964 BATOR broke ground for he first stage of the new production facility at Hofmatt in Herzogenbuchsee. At the same time the founder Willi Baumann inveted the spindle drive.

Beginning of 1965 BATOR produced movable dividing walls.

1966: The Jungfrau train decided to invest into various BATOR sliding doors.

1968 BATOR started to produce normed elevators; 1971 the first hydraulic elevator system got installed. Unfortunately the elevator business never lifted off and got finally sold to the swiss elevator company Schindler.

1969: The second builiding stage in the Hofmatt started.

1970: First doors got installed in New York.


1971: Mastermind and pioneer Baumann launched the Project "City Car Delta 2". But the research and devleopment process runned off into sand.

1972: BATOR builds emergency power generator and delivered 1974 about 10 pieces to Saudi-Arabia. But - as so often - this source of income never turned out to be successful. As a consequence, the entire department ot sold 1982.

1975: All the various experiments outside the core business brough BATOR in financial distress, despite the fact that good cash-flow got genereate over all past years. Founder and Innovator Willy Baumann resigned. Isidor Suter becomes new director. A partial acquisition by the Investment Group Sofisa saved BATOR from a Liquidation. Despite numerous turbulences the success in the industrial door segment continued undiminished.

1980: The investor Group Sofisa acquired the residual portion. The Company Samro in Burgdorf, Switzerland, got acquired too


1982: BATOR acquired a part of the Gremmel-Group in Strassbourg, France 

1984: Gremmel-Group got rebranded to BATOR S.A.

1983: BATOR won orders from Saudiarabia for the Air-Cargo-Terminal in Jeddah.

1990: BATOR acquired the Company Lindpointner in Linz, Austria. In the same year the entire Gremme-Group got merged into the BATOR GROUP.


1991: BATOR moved in the newly established office building at Hofmatt in Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland

From 1996 to 1998 Mr. Sutter and Mr. Zweifel shared the executive functions within the BATOR GROUP


In June 2002 BATOR undergoes a restructuring. Und the umbrella Company BATOR Holding AG the companies BATOR Switzerland Ltd., BATOR France SA, BATOR Austria GmbH, and Delta Structure SAS got formed.

From 2001 to 2005 various large-scaled door projects got realized: Military airfield Emmen (Switzerland), Terminal Midfield in Zürich Airport (Switzerland), Lötschberg Basis tunnel (Switzerland), Arisdorf tunnel A2 (Switzerland), Swiss-Airlines und Crossair at the Euro-Airort in Mulhouse-Basle (Switzerland / France) and many others.

2004: the newly installed production facility with top-notch production machines got taken in production. Despite this positive fact BATOR bleeded red ink.

By end of 2006 the current CFO, Urs Balke, took over the group and became investor and CEO at the same time. Another wave of restructuring began.

Since 2010

2006 – 2016: The production of BATOR France SA got merged into the Headquarters in Switzerland and the Division Tunnel doors got sold to the Company Elkuch, which runs in Hofmatt its service Center.

Due to high producton demand, 2014 a brand-new production Company (BATOR Czech s.r.o) got established in Blansko, Czech Republic. This extended workbench created 12 new Jobs, while it secured all the Jobs at the Headquarters in Switzerland

2015: BATOR North America, LLC. got established in Greensboro, North Carolina.

In 2016 BATOR celebrates its 60th anniversary with a big party. For this special occation the book "BATOR - we are opening the door to the world"